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Indo-China Conflict: Why did Indian Soldiers Not Use Weapons

The Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar has answered the questions of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi.

The Foreign Minister has said that the Indian soldiers stationed on the Indo-China border in the Galvan Valley had weapons but under previous agreements, they did not use the weapon.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi had asked the government the question of who had sent the Indian Army to the Chinese soldiers without arms. The below image shows the reply by Finance minister to Congress leader Rahul Gandhi.

In response to this, the External Affairs Minister tweeted, "All the soldiers posted on the border carry weapons. Especially when leaving the post, they still have weapons. On June 15, soldiers posted in Galvan also had weapons. But due to the Indo-China treaty of 1996 and 2005, this practice has been going on for a long time that jawans do not use firearms (gun) during the decision-off.

Indo-China Conflict: Why did Indian Soldiers Not Use Weapons

On the night of 15-16 June, there were violent clashes between India and Chinese soldiers stationed at LAC in the Galwan Valley in which 20 Indian soldiers were killed.

Since then, Rahul Gandhi has been targeting the government.

Rahul Gandhi had tweeted on Thursday and asked, "How dare China kill our unarmed soldiers." Why were our soldiers sent to be unarmed martyrs? ''

But not many people seem satisfied with this reply of the Foreign Minister.

People are giving their feedback on the statement of the Foreign Minister on social media.

Well-known journalist Rahul Pandita tweeted that what is the use of weapons if you cannot use them when your commanding officer is being killed.

Rahul Pandita said, "Okay, the soldiers had weapons." I also understand the agreements. But what is the point of having weapons if you cannot use them when your commanding officer's body was being pierced with nails and barbed wire. ''


Eminent journalist Ashutosh also objected to the foreign minister's reply, saying, "External Affairs Minister is hiding more than what your tweets tell. If Indian soldiers had weapons as you say, then they self-defense Why didn't I use them? Minister, please answer it. This is a matter of national security, do not hide anything, just tell me what is the truth. " 

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