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LGBT: Why Do Bisexual Girls Still Face Problems From Society

Many Girls, Many Boys still face many norms when they come out bisexual in society. Let's know why society still doesn't approve such relations.

LGBT: Why Do Bisexual Girls Still Face Problems From Society

Iceland's famous pop singer Bierk once said, "I think that choosing one of men and women is like choosing between cakes and ice cream." Despite all these different types of flavors available, it would be stupid not to try them all. ”

Quote on bisexuality by Iceland's famous pop singer

What Bark said maybe a bit 'meaningless' for some people, but here he was referring to 'bisexuality'. People who feel sexual attraction from both men and women are called bisexuals. When we talk about the LGBTQIA community, the 'B' involved in it is bisexual.

A Girl Being Bisexual

The dignity of 26 years living in Delhi also considers herself as bisexual. She feels the same sexual attraction with girls and boys and has dated both.

Garima says, "When I kissed a girl for the first time, I felt that moment was as beautiful as the first time the boy was kissed. I thought if it is so comfortable then why do people call it unnatural! "

Delhi Girl Quotes Her Life

Garima accepted herself with great ease and fearlessness, but it was equally difficult for her to explain it to others.

She says, "In our society, it is very difficult for girls to express their sexuality in themselves. You are expected to behave as if you do not have sexual desires. In such a situation, people are not able to accept the matter of liking both your boy and girl. "

The girls liked dignity since adolescence, but they never thought much about it.

She says, "There is no mention of any other sexuality in our surroundings, nor any portrayal. From films and stories to advertisements, only a woman and a man are shown everywhere. In such a situation, we assume that only he is right and only normal. "

By the first year of college, Garima had read and understood a lot about the LGBTQ community. He also came to know that it is normal to be attracted by both boys and girls. Meanwhile, after a breakup from her first boyfriend, she started dating a girl and then she was able to accept her sexuality.

But the dignity reiterates that it is not easy for a girl to live with bisexual identity in a narrow society.

Far from the outside world, there are many kinds of doubts and misconceptions about bisexual people within the LGBT community itself. As a result, they also have to suffer many types of discrimination within the community.

Questions On Integrity and Character

Garima says that many people in the LGBT community also feel that bisexual people are not loyal in the relationship. People believe that bisexual people are attracted to both men and women, so they decide the relationship according to their convenience.

Depressing phase in being bisexual

He said, "Generally, a lesbian girl does not want to get into a relationship with a bisexual girl because she feels that the bisexual girl will definitely date her, but when it comes to getting married or living together for a lifetime, she will give her convenience and principles of society. According to this, she will hold the hand of a boy. Some similar bisexual boys are also thought of. "

Not only this, bisexual people are often seen as 'greedy' and people who do not want to commit to a relationship, do not want to stay in one place but want to date everyone.

Garima says, "We are also told that we are confused about our sexuality and this is just a period that will pass. We are not accepted as we are, but always seen with vigorous eyes. "

Many times the bisexual girls are connected to the male class by mere sexual fantasy.

Garima says, "I speak openly about my sexuality and that is why people from many assumptions about me. Boys send me ugly messages on social media. Perhaps they think that the bisexual girl will be ready to sleep with anyone. They don't think of consent and like-dislike at all. "

Bisexuality To Be Ignored

Filmmaker and LGBT rights activist Sonal Giani (32 years) believes that there is some kind of pressure on people within the LGBT community to either consider themselves gay or lesbian.

Sonal says that people are not very comfortable in talking about bisexuality. That's why many times bisexual people call themselves gay or lesbian due to pressure.

In the language of gender studies, bisexual erasure is known to deliberately ignore bisexuality within the community.

Sonal, who considers herself as bisexual, says that people of the LGBT community are also part of this society and they too are not free from the feeling of discrimination.

She says, "In media and popular culture, bisexuality gets little space. On the issue of homosexuality, films and websites are slowly being made, but bisexuality is far away from this discussion. ”

Sonal shares her experience of how many times she was told to be lesbian with her female partner while she openly describes herself as bisexual.

She says, "Many newspapers and channels wrote me lesbian while I told them repeatedly that I am bisexual." If I show up with a man, he will consider me straight and when I see him with a woman, I will be called a lesbian. My bisexuality is ignored somewhere. "

Bisexual Means Porn And No Fatality

Sonal believes that it is very courageous for a girl to publicly accept her own bisexual identity.

She says, "Many times people see bisexual girls engaging with porn and question their character. In such a situation, it also becomes an issue related to the safety of girls. This is the reason why bisexual girls are still not able to come forward openly. ''

Dharmesh Chaubey, the young queer activist, draws attention to another important point.

They believe that society cleverly tries to dismiss the sexuality of bisexual men and women according to their convenience and by giving different arguments.

Dharmesh says, "It is believed about bisexual girls that they are straight, just doing a little sexual adventure". At the same time, bisexual men are believed to be gay but are pretending to be bisexual to hide their homosexuality. This means that in the patriarchal society, the sexuality of women does not matter much. Overall, they are expected to take care of men's wishes. "

Being gay is not a disease, don't find a 'cure'

19 year old gay boy going to supreme court

Being gay is not a disease, don't find a 'cure'

Does family mean only mian-wives and children?

Take me as i am

In spite of such difficulties, bisexual girls in India are slowly but correctly coming out. Especially, in this month of June (Pride Month), many girls have accepted their sexuality on social media.

The LGBT community celebrates June as the 'Pride Month'. During this time, they talk about their struggles, desires, and achievements.

This is the reason that at this time young bisexual girls are also seen breaking many social shackles. She is demanding that her bisexuality be accepted, she should be accepted as she is.

In September 2018, when the Indian Supreme Court repealed Section 377 of the IPC, which criminalizes homosexual relationships. The then CJI Justice Deepak Mishra, while reading the court's decision, remembered the German writer Yohan Wolfgang. Justice Mishra said - I am what I am, so take me as I am (I am what I am, so take me as I am).

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