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Quantum Computers: The Future is Here !

You must have heard about Quantum Computer and you must have heard that Quantum computers can be computers of the future. You may have placed a quantum computer on your table around 2030, but how is a quantum computer from your personal computer? Different and what is special, let's try to go into (Quantum Computer). What is a quantum computer? Whare its capabilities?

Quantum Computers: The future certainly looks bright as shinning sun due to technological advances we are welcoming like Quantum Computing

hat is a Quantum Computer?

In today's time, computers have become an important part of our life, today, no matter the field, whether it is the field of education or the space science show, computers are being used everywhere. Nowadays it is not possible to do any work without a computer, so ever since the computer is made, its size has reduced and the capacity has increased.

You must have seen that the chip of your mobile which used to be 1 GB in the year 2010 is the same chip in the same size, today you are getting 1 terabyte, then you can guess from this how fast the technology is moving.

Although ever since computers are made, they are becoming more powerful, still the computers that you are using today which have some limitations like its power consumption,

Today many companies like Google and IBM are using Quantum Physics to create computers that you can call the computer of the future and these are the computers we call quantum computers.

How quantum computer is different from a personal computer?

How quantum computing is different than conventional computing?

Let's first talk about our personal computers. Our normal computer or so-called personal computer uses binary data formations to store the memory. Even currently many powerful computers use Machine Learning Algorithms to function or use a huge amount of data. The computer hardware only understands this binary interpretation of data we use in our computers. Every file, media, code, the application is read by converting it into machine-level code which is nothing but binary code.

Every application in our personal computer or day to day computer converts out an application into machine-level code and then the processor reads it to function properly. So does Quantum computers also work in the same way?

Let's see about quantum computers. The smallest unit of any of the quantum computers and the atom is naturally a microscopic calculator. Scientists came to the idea only when they understood that the atom can be made from a microscopic calculation naturally and only then they Thought about building quantum computers

How Quantum Computer Works?

By the laws of Physically, any atom moves (Spin)naturally (Spin) and the Spin that occurs can either be up (↑) or down (↓) ie up and down. Similarly, If we look at digital technology, then everything is kept in the form of 0 and 1 i.e. the upward rotation of the atom can be 1 and the downward rotation can be 0. But if the rotation of an atom is measured, it can be both above or below (4) at the same time. This is why it is not equal to the bits of your traditional computer, so it is called Qubit which is also called Quantum bits.

Qubits are quite different than bits, the information in bits can either be in 0 or in the form of 1 but the information in qubits can be in both 0 and 1 form at once. Which increases the computation speed significantly

So the quantum processors process the data in terms of this quantum bit rather than binary bits. Movement of these bits is so fast that it can process trillions of data in few points of seconds. Let's see exactly how fast it can be.

How Fast Are  Quantum Computors?

Where the bits are represented as 0 and 1 on one side, the same cubits can be represented simultaneously in both up (↑) and down (↓) or in both cases (⇅).

Qubits are capable of exchanging information even when they are not physically connected to each other, using Quantum Intimatement or Quantum Teleportation.

It is said that the computation power of a 40 cubic quantum computer will be comparable to today's supercomputers and it will be able to calculate data faster than today's supercomputers.

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