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Where does Iran stand in front of US military strength

USA vs IRAN: What if both nations go head to head

There are situations like war between America and Iran. In such a situation, how will Iran deal with the world's most powerful military capability? See the detailed military comparison between Iran Vs USA.

Tensions between America and Iran are deepening. The US has not stopped the airstrike on Iran, even after Qassim Soleimani, the head of Iran's army's foreign unit Quds, was killed in a US air strike (american airstrike). On Saturday, the US has carried out air strikes targeting the commander of the Iranian army.

On behalf of Iran, it has been said that they will avenge the American attack. There are situations like war between America and Iran. In such a situation, how will Iran deal with the world's most powerful military capability? Where does Iran's military capability stand in front of America? Why is Iran threatening bloody revenge for America?

Even If Whole World is against any war in future but still one has look up for its own survival. So is the question to Iran. Can Iran survive the US military strength.

How much Iran's military capability is in front of America

America has the world's most powerful and giant army. Global Fire Power, a website ranking the military capabilities of countries around the world, has placed America at number one in the world in terms of military capability. At the same time, Iran's ranking is 14th. Iran has been ranked 14th in terms of military capability in the annual review of 137 countries.

Although Iran can attack American interests in another way. With the help of proxy war and their fellow countries in the Middle East, they can pose a terrible threat to America. Iran can take revenge on the US through proxy war in the manner in which the tension between the two countries has increased.

Iran is behind in terms of military equipment

Iran's military capability is nowhere in front of America. Iran was increasing its military capability but after US sanctions in 2006, it became difficult to import military equipment and weapons. Iran is dependent on indigenous manufacture of weapons.

Iran has a total of 5 lakh 23 thousand soldiers. It includes all the soldiers of Iran's Army, Navy, Air force and Iran Revolution Guards Corps. Iran has a population of over 80 million. It is being said that if needed, it can increase the number of its troops. At the same time, America has 1.3 million soldiers in total. America also has more population than Iran. The total population of America is about 300 million.

America's defense budget is many times more than Iran

Even in the case of defense budget, Iran does not stand anywhere in front of America. America's defense budget is many times more than Iran. According to one figure, Iran's defense budget is about 6.3 billion dollars. At the same time, the defense budget of America is about 716 billion dollars.

Iran is behind in the case of sophisticated weapons

According to one figure, Iran has 407 combat aircraft. At the same time, America has about 3,318 combat aircraft 8 times more than this. Iran has 100 attack helicopters. At the same time, America has 6,417 attack helicopters with 64 times more capability than that. Iran has 2,895 tanks. At the same time, the US has about 87 times more tanks than this.

Does Iran have missile capability?

Iran has missile capability and this is the strength of its army. In terms of missiles, it is ahead of its local rivals Israel and Saudi Arabia. A US defense report states that Iran's missile capability is the highest among Middle East countries.

Iran has mostly short and medium range missile capability. It has also been said that Iran is engaged in acquiring intercontinental missile technology. Due to sanctions imposed in 2015, Iran has not been able to make long-range missiles. However, it has missile capability to reach Israel, Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries.

Iran has made non-traditional weapons

According to a BBC report, despite all the restrictions, Iran has made non-conventional weapons with drone technology. Iran carried out drone strikes in Iraq against IS in 2016. Iranian drone aircraft have flown in from within Syria and entered Israel. In June 2019, Iran killed a US surveillance drone. Iran says it violated Iran's airspace rules. Using such a weapon against the US in proxy war, Iran can do some big bang

Which countries can support Iran by going against America?

The first thing being said on this kind of question is that no country wants war. Any direct fight will cause damage to the whole world. But the question is, if this happens, what will be the situation in Iran?

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Scenes from World War 3
Following the killing of General Qasim Sulemani of the Iranian Army, countries around the world had appealed to establish peace in the area. Almost all countries had talked about restraint from both sides. However, America is not reducing its military action. Tensions between the two countries have increased after the latest action by the US.

The New York Times wrote that Iran cannot fight the US directly. In this kind of fight, it is difficult to get the support of any other country in the world.

It is more likely that Iran may launch a proxy war against the US. In this, it can get the support of armed extremist groups of some countries.

In such a war of Iran against America, it can get support from Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq and Syria. But no country would like to come out in it openly, although the same thing is with America. America's Allies would not like to be partners in the war with Iran.

In the Middle East, countries like Israel, Gulf countries and Saudi Arabia support the US, but they will not support America in the war with Iran until Iran attacks those countries.

Can Russia and China support Iran?

Russia and China have objected to the US action in Iran. Russia has described it as 'illegal action' of America. Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has told US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that America's attack on Iran is 'illegal'. He should talk with Iran. Lavrov was angered that the US did not reveal such action before.

Lavrov said that if a member country of the UN ignores such actions against any country, then it is a violation of international rules and it should be strongly condemned. He said that this will disturb the peace of the region, instability will occur and the US will have to bear its consequences.

However, a big thing is that Russian President Vladimir Putin has not paid attention to this incident. In any Russian media report, Putin has not given any special emphasis on this matter. Putin has only said that the situation in the Middle East will worsen due to the death of Qasim Sulemani.

Qasim Sulemani, who was killed in the US attack, met Russian President Vladimir Putin on 29 July 2015 despite US sanctions. At that time, the then US Secretary of State John F. Carry also raised objections to this.

The New York Times has written on Russia's stance that Russia will oppose US action in Iran, but would not like to enter into a war with Iran. That too when Russia has been a partner of America in the war of Iraq and toppling Libyan government.
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Is it a start of possible world war 3 if China and Russia gets involved ?

Will China support Iran in the war against America ?

China will also be like Russia. China has not given any specific response to Iran's General Qasim Sulemani killed in the US air strike. He is appealing for peace from both sides. On the death of Qasim Sulemani, China's Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said that Beijing is concerned about the matter and is constantly monitoring the rising tension in the Middle East.

The Chinese spokesman said that in this case all parties should follow international rules and follow the United Nations Charter. On behalf of China, it was specifically said that they want to tell America that they should be restrained and do not take any action to stop the tension from escalating.

In the same way, Britain did not criticize the American action but has appealed for restraint to establish peace in the area.

Can any group support Iran if war progresses?

In the opinion of some experts, if tensions between the US and Iran increase further and circumstances of war arise, then Iran China and Russia can come together. Russia and China have their respective interests in the Middle East. Both countries have been protesting against American interference in this area.

Recently, there was news that the Navy of Iran, Russia and China is going to do naval exercises in the northern part of the Indian Ocean. Iran confirmed to participate in this naval exercise. This naval exercise was seen as Iran's growing military cooperation with Moscow and Beijing.

In the last few years, naval officers of China and Russia have also been visiting Iran. However, this exercise was also being described as an attempt to restore lasting peace in the area.

Let Us Know What You Think What Will Be The Ideal Situation If Something Like This Actually Happens.

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