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These 8 sons were most talked about in Mahabharata period

In the Mahabharata period, some sons of Kauravas, Pandavas or others have been very much discussed in the war here. Even today, those sons are discussed. Let's know about the introduction of 8 of them.

1. Ghatotkach

There are many such characters in Mahabharata, about which people know little. One such character is Bhim's son Ghatotkacha. Most people know that Ghatotkacha was the son of Bhima and the demonic Hidimba and he died at the hands of Karna. Apart from this, there are many interesting things related to Ghatotkacha, which very few people know. 

Bhima Putra Ghatotkacha is discussed about his giant body and the furore in the war. Ghatotkacha was born to Bhima's asura wife Hidimba. He was killed by Karna in the battle of Mahabharata.

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Ghatotkach fighting in Mahabharata War

Ghatotkacha was Bhima's son. At the time of his exile, Bhima rescued the demonic Hidimba from his ruthless brother Hidimba. On this, Hidimba expressed her desire to marry Bhima. Bhima married Hidimba. His son's name was Ghatotkacha. He was very strong. He got his education from his mother Hidimba. Ghatotkacha's wife's name was Ahilawati and her son's name was Barbarik.

Ghatotkacha used to fight mace like his father. He also had elusive powers.

In the Mahabharata war, Ghatotkacha wreaked havoc on the Kaurava army on the 14th day of the war. The Kaurava army had no match for its powers.

When Indra had asked Karna for his divine armor and helix in charity, happy with Karna's charity, Indra gave him an immense power whose blows never go away. Karna kept that power from Arjuna for the battle.

But Ghatotkacha was causing so much havoc on the Kaurava army that if Ghatotkacha was not killed, Karna would not have fought with Arjuna and the Kaurava army would have lost the war. That is why Duryodhana asked Karna to use the unfailing power on Ghatotkacha. Karna knew that if he used the immense power at Ghatotkacha, it would be difficult to win him in the battle with Arjuna. But at this time there was no other option but to kill Ghatotkacha.

Karna used immense power on Ghatotkacha and Ghatotkacha was killed. When Ghatotkacha came to know that he was now dying, he started growing his body and with a big body he fell on the Kaurava army. An Akshohani army of Kauravas died under Ghatotkacha.

2. Barbaric

Barbarik was the son of the great Pandava Bhima, Ghatotkacha and Nag Kanya Ahilwati. At some places, it is also said that he was born from the stomach of Murmant's daughter 'Kamakantakata'. They had barbarian curly hair since birth, so they were named Barbaric. He was a worshiper of Durga. On the advice of Krishna, he worshiped Durga in the secret area shrine. He killed the demons of Palasi etc. who disturbed the worship. Once he was also confronted by his grandfather Bhima.

Barbareek temple in South India
Krishna Veer was very pleased with the great sacrifice of Barbareek and gave a boon that in Kali Yuga you will be known by the name 'Shyam', because in Kali Yuga, the one who supports the loser is able to bear the name Shyam. Khatunagar will become your abode. His body was buried in Khatu. Once a cow came to that place and was automatically shedding milk from her breasts, after the excavation, the head appeared, which was handed over to a Brahmin for a few days.

Once the king of Khatu was inspired to build the temple in his dream and to beautify it in the head temple. Subsequently the temple was built at that place and Ekadashi of Kartik month was decorated in the Sheesh Temple, which is celebrated as the birthday of 'Baba Shyam'. The main temple of Khatu Shyam ji is built in Khatu village of Sikar district of Rajasthan.

From childhood, Barbarik was very brave and a great warrior. He learned martial arts from his mother. Pleased Lord Shiva by doing severe penance and obtained three impenetrable arrows and the famous name of three 'baldhari'. Agni Dev was pleased and provided him with a bow, which was able to make him victorious in all the three worlds.

3. Abhimanyu

Abhimanyu was an important character in the Mahabharata, who was the son of Arjuna among the five Pandavas. His deceit is described as a tragic end. Abhimanyu was the son of Mahabharata heroes Arjun and Subhadra, sister of Balarama and Krishna. He is also considered an incarnation of 'Varcha', the son of the lunar deity.
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Abhimanyu : In Mahabharata
It is believed that all the gods sent their sons to the earth in an avatar, but Chandra Dev said that "they cannot bear the separation of their son, so their son should be given only sixteen years of age in the human vagina." " That is why Abhimanyu attained heroism at a very young age in the Mahabharata war.

Abhimanyu's childhood was spent in his maternal grandfather Dwarka. He was married to Uttara, the daughter of Maharaja Virat. Abhimanyu's son Parikshit, who was born after Abhimanyu's death, was the only surviving member of the Kuru dynasty who carried on the Pandava dynasty after the end of the war.

He gave six of the seven gates of the Kaurava paksha's array of composition, called Chakravyuh. Arjuna was telling Subhadra the method of penetrating the chakravyuh, Abhimanyu knew the secret of penetrating the chakravyuh from Arjuna's mouth as soon as he was in his mother's womb, but he did not know how to come out of the array due to the sleeping in the middle of Subhadra. Were able to hear The cause of Abhimanyu's death was Jayadratha, who prevented the other Pandavas from entering the array.

Probably taking advantage of this, in the last phase of the array, all the nobles of the Kaurava side forgot the norms of war and broke it on the child, due to which he attained heroism. To take revenge for Abhimanyu's death, Arjuna took the oath of slaying Jayadratha before sunset. Here, by the miracle of Krishna, Arjuna killed Jayadratha.

3. Samb

Samb was the son of Lord Krishna and Jambavati. The Yadav clan was destroyed due to the samb. This led to the war of Mausul at the end of Mahabharata. Samb married Laxmana, the daughter of Duryodhana. Even then Duryodhana had a war with Balarama. Actually, Samba had made fun of many sages including Durvasa Rishi, due to which the sages cursed Yadukul to fight and perish among themselves.

Samba, holding a cup, in the Kondamotu Vrishni heroes relief, 4th century CE.jpg
Samba, holding a cup, in the Kondamotu Vrishni heroes relief, 4th century CE

4. Pradhyunha

When Lord Shankar was consumed by Kamdev, his wife Rati went to Lord Shiva and started mourning Karun. Ashutosh Lord Shiva gave him a boon by taking pity on him that when Sachchidananda would be the incarnation of Lord Krishna in Dwapar, your husband would be born as his son.

Pradyuman, the son of Sri Krishna was very beautiful. Pradyumna was considered an avatar of Kamadeva. In fact, after Kamadev was consumed, at the request of Rati, Shivji gave her the boon of taking birth from the womb of Rukmini, the wife of Sri Krishna and said that your husband will meet you at Sambhasur.

That is why Rati started living as a maid named Mayawati in Sambhasur. When Sambhasur came to know that the cause of my death would be the son of Shri Krishna, he took Pradyuman away. There Mayawati nurtured her birth. When he grew up, Mayawati used to look at him with great emotion and sensual vision. Then Pradyumna killed Sambhasura. Mayawati reached Dwarkapuri with Pradyumna.

5. Anirudh

Anirudh was the son of Dyumn. Anirudh's wife Usha was the daughter of King Vayanasura of Sonitpur. Anirudh and Usha used to love each other. Usha had killed Anirudh. Vansur did not like Anirudh-Usha's love. He took Anirudh hostage. Vayanasura had the blessing of Shiva. Lord Shiva had to fight with Lord Krishna for this. In the end, this war came to a halt after the gods explained.

Airuddha and his Wife Usha

6. Dhrushtadhyum

Dhrishtadyumna Panchal-Raj was the son of Drupada. In the Mahabharata war, he killed Drumsen. Drupada was killed along with his three grandchildren and Virat at the hands of Drona. Dhrishtadyumna trembled with anger and swore to kill Drona, but Drona was so safe from the brave warriors that he could not spoil them. Then Bhima came and encouraged him for war and both the heroes entered Drona's army. With the inspiration of Shri Krishna, the Pandavas sent Drona the false news that Ashwatthama was killed.

As a result, Dron gave up his weapon. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Dhrishtadyum grabbed Drona's hair and cut his head. In fact, Drupada received a prince named Dhrishtadyumna for the slaying of Dronacharya in a huge yajna after burning fire after Devopasana and Drona gave birth to Ashwatthama for the slaughter of Dhrishtadyumna. Arjuna and Satyaki got into a lot of controversy with Dhrishtiyumna regarding Drona-slaughter. Bhima, Sahadeva, Yudhishthira and Krishna intervened


8. Ashwatthama

The son of Guru Dronacharya and the nephew of Kripacharya was Anshvathama, part of Rudra. On the last day of the war, Ashwatthama vows the slaughter of the Pandavas after his father was killed by deceit.

Senapati along with Ashwatthama and Kripacharya Kritavarma attack the Pandava camp at night. Ashwatthama kills all the Panchalas sleeping in the camp, the five sons of Draupadi, Dhritadyumna and Shikhandi etc. He commits gross sin.

Knowing this, Arjuna runs after him to kill Ashwatthama but on one occasion Ashwatthama uses Brahmastra.

Ved Vyas asks him to take back the Brahmastra but he did not know to take it back, so he attempts to kill the son (Parikshit) who was born in Uttara's womb, due to which Shri Krishna survives him as a leper for 3 thousand years. They curse to stay.

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Ashwattama Using Narayanshtra
Image result for ashwatthama
Ashwatthama with Rishi Vyas

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